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American Panel AP3BCF30-1 Hurrichill Undercounter Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer


American Panel AP3BCF30-1 Hurrichill Undercounter Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer


This unit is used and came working out of a facility.

• Self-Contained, (3) 12″ x 20″ Steam Pan Capacity
• 18 lbs Freeze Capacity
• 30 lbs Chill Capacity

• Automatic: The provided core temperature probe monitors the temperature of the product & ends the cycle when the product is at a safe temperature
• Soft Chill: The air temperature is held right above the food freezing point for the entire duration of the cycle; Ideal for delicate food items
• Hard Chill: The air temperature changes during the cycle to chill the product quickly, uniformly, and without freezing it
• Shock Freezing: This cycle is designed to avoid damage to the food structure, keeping the food free of large ice crystals. The air temperature is lowered to and held at -25°F. The freezing cycle is completed when the food core temperature reaches 0°F.
• Holding: At the end of any cycle (soft/hard chilling, shock freezing or thawing), the unit will automatically switch to a holding mode which will keep food at 38°F (chilled/thawed) or 0°F (frozen) until STOP button is pressed to end the cycle.

• Voltage: 120
• Amps: 10
• Horsepower: 3/4

Exterior Dimensions
• Width: 25-1/2”
• Depth: 25-7/8”
• Height: 36″

Interior Dimensions
• Width: 21-1/4″
• Depth: 13-1/4”
• Height: 11-7/8″

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